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Online research

Online research

The Internet has meanwhile become an inherent part of most people’s lives. Studies indicate that its usage will continue to increase in the next years. That is why in market research the Internet becomes more and more the object of investigation as well as a survey method.

IM Field GmbH offers you quantitative and qualitative field research online. We collect information about the Internet, its users and their usage behaviour. They can, on the one hand, directly be collected online on the website, in the panel or in communities. On the other hand we offer to combine these online methods with classical methods. In compliance with your wishes and requirements we develop an online survey concept tailored to your needs.

Our online research services at a glance:

  • Online survey for closed user groups (e.g. employees and customers):
    If address lists of the target group are available, they can be invited via email to complete the online questionnaire.
  • Website Usability Test:
    Selected users visit your website, and we observe, record and analyse the results.
  • Survey via an online access panel
  • Online survey via mobile devices such as smartphone and tablet PC
  • On-site/ pop-up survey:
    Every x-th user of your website is invited to the survey via pop-up or Flash Layer. On-site surveys can give information about user structure and user-friendliness. 
  • Insight Community:
    This is a closed online platform where the participants write about and discuss selected topics. Our individual support service and moderation of the community provide for optimal results.
  • Mixed mode survey:
    Different classical and up-to-date survey methods are combined.